Sweet Dreams

Biscuit was born out of a love for hospitality, tradition and modern sophistication. Interior elegance, attention to detail, and the comforts that come from living in the South are some of the many things that inspired us to open our doors.

We are passionate about traditional interior design and lifestyle, striving to honor Southern traditions by adding to the conversation with products that put new twists on the classics. We believe sophistication doesn’t have to be stuffy, and good taste should never be boring.

Bailey McCarthy

In 2012 Bailey McCarthy realized through her design work that there was a lack of heirloom quality bedding for her generation. She created Biscuit as a brand that would fill this space by designing and selling luxury bedding with fun designer prints, keeping the process rooted in the tradition of south and manufactured in the USA.

Pillow Talk

Biscuit was created to celebrate quality of construction with creativity of design. The design of our product always comes first, and we take risks. By doing what others might have decided was too colorful or too quirky, we have connected with those that share our love of a night well spent in beautiful bed.

Downright Inserts

Downright is handcrafted in the USA, Brooklyn to be exact. Every Downright product offers you unparalleled luxury and superiority. Each bale is carefully washed and sterilized, so that your bedding is 100% pure, luscious and hypoallergenic. We've chosen to use Downright because they consistently sew the perfect insert with the most exquisite downproof cottons and silks.

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