Funky Beach Bunk Room

No bedding situation screams summer quite like bunk beds do.


But, our Coastal Living Showhouse puts your camp set-up to shame. For our summer print series, we started with showing off the two masters. They are certainly made for different tastes but get equal style points. Now, we're heading downstairs for the final tour where Katie Red keeps the kids (and adults) cozy after a full day on the coast.


The practicality of this room was important to Bailey so it could sleep guests of all ages and squeeze as many people in as possible. Katie Red adds the perfect playful punch that kids and parents alike will be pleased to sleep under. Paired with a sailboat print fabric in the shades and accent pillows, the beach vibrations remain strong. 


This fabric inspired much of the rest of the room like the paint color, a Benjamin Moore baby blue shade, Windmill Wings, that perfectly punctuates the periwinkle in the sail. Peacock Alley provided the navy trim scallop euros in the back, and seeing these gets us way excited about all the combos soon to come with our new pique line.

Katie in red reads well against the shade's trim and accent pieces in the cubbies; shop here to find one of the fun items tucked inside. Strikingly simple at first, this room is anything but. The perpendicular configuration of the bunks is pure Bailey brilliance. Sure, a bunk room is a beach house classic, but this arrangement alone makes this space fresh. Just like Katie, a classic polka dot print gone funky in a fiery red.

Thanks for following along as we flashed back to 2015's Coastal Living Showhouse. 'Twas a labor of love that we are still clearly so in love with.