Our Very Own Linen Line

Linen, we love you.

And it loves your bed, too. We have a brand spankin' new line of linen shams, exclusively designed and sold at Biscuit. 


The color ways were specifically designed to match our prints. No need to guess on your end, though. All our recommendations are included in the product descriptions.

The pink on pink is perfect for Valentine's Day, and the red with pale blue is an unexpected winner for several prints, from Boone to Marfa and Paul Pale Blue, too. 

There's two styles to choose from. The scallop is classic for us as the scallop holds a soft spot in Biscuit's heart.


But then there's the border, which won us over with its beautiful lines done in the appliqué accent. 

The possibilities are practically endless. We've shown you ours, so please show us yours! Post your pillow situation and tag #biscuitlinen.

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