Relax, Take It Easy

Relax yourself.

We don't fall for all the national food holidays (although National Fajita Day is Thursday -- arriba!), but we've bought into National Relaxation Day big time.

To celebrate, we're showing off our coziest spaces designed by our creative director. Lover of a good canopy, here lie her daughter Grace in their first Houston home.


See if your kids still resist bedtime with one of these surrounding their sleeping situation.

As for the parents, who are most deserving of a day of R&R, we love what she did here with Paul Taupe. It's currently flying off our shelves as it pairs with just about any color scheme under the Pantone sun. Get your hands on it today, so you can get underneath it tonight.


With fall comes a breath of fresh air, so we thought we'd bring you back to where we began. Biscuit was born with bedding, and though it's matured into so much more, that's where our magic really happens.

Spend time dressing yours up today in celebration of National Relaxation Day.


{Austin Blue // Grace Red // Paul Taupe // Katie Taupe // Harold (feature photo)}