Setting the Southern Table

Baby, it's {still} hot outside.

We obviously love the comfort of our beds indoors, but our backyards deserve some loving every now and then too. So, today, we're showing you how Biscuit can equip you with all the tools to throw an outdoor soirée sure to stun your guests.

The theme is all things Southern, so we set the table with our tobacco leaf tin plates in the familiar pattern to feast on chilled melon salad and warm cheddar biscuits. First things first, everyone must take their proper seat.


We used our tiniest boxwood balls to place our paper name tags. Minimal efforts like these make your friends and family feel the love to the max. Plus, the mini boxwoods can easily can be repurposed elsewhere in your home when dinner's done.

The best-dressed part of this place setting is the napkin situation, which starts with the monogram and is then appropriately accessorized by a gold napkin ring.

Each is inscribed with a different term of endearment, so your honey, sweetie and darling will feel so doted upon while they wine and dine.


The recipe for a successful dinner party is pretty simple: lush florals, a few personal touches and plenty of beverages and bites will send your guests home happy. 

So, for the love of Southern hospitality, host a patio party! We've got your products; you get your people.


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