Coco Coco Home & Bath Fragrance



One of the first fragrances created by the Coqui Coqui Perfumeria and inspired by the paradise shores of Tulum, Coco Coco is immediately evocative of lush palms and white sand coasts, infused with salty sea air. Coco Coco turns to the Yucatan’s green coconut as its source, creating fresh and verdant notes, in addition to the classic milky sweet, velvety, vanilla fragrance. 


Poured from natural Beeswax. Housed in a clear vessel. 10 cm tall.


All natural. 375mL glass bottle. Made in Mexico.

Bath Oil

All natural. 100mL bottle. Made in Mexico.

Eau de Perfume

All natural. 100mL glass bottle. Made in Mexico.