Pink Pique Crib Skirt



The crib skirt is sold in pieces. You can purchase all four sides which will go around the 4 sides of a crib or 3 sides or just one if that is what you want. If you purchase all four sides it will be $350. Please pay attention to what you are adding to the cart.

When designing a crib skirt, the parents in the office all agreed: Make-it-adjustable! So, we created our crib skirts as panels that can be adjusted as the crib starts high for infants and later lowered for sneaky tots. You can purchase one side, or all four. It's up to you!


    50/50 Poly Egyptian cotton and finished with 100% cotton scalloped hem. We’re firm believers in the up-and-up. And we thought about our products. Like, really thought about them. Linens are something you live with every day. You spend a third of your life in bed. So they need to be not just good, but incredible. Soft, pure, well-designed, and comfortable.


    Short side is is 29"W x 20.25"L and is finished with a scalloped flange.
    Long side is 51"W x 20.25"L and is finished with a scalloped flange.


    Wash in cold water on a gentle cycle. Tumble dry low and remove from the dryer as soon as possible to keep from wrinkling.