A Bedtime Story By Boone

Don't be shy with our bold and beautiful Boone.

Far too often, people get color shy when they introduce a bold pattern into a room. Our Boone print could fall victim to this widespread design syndrome, but this room tells another (way more thrilling) story. We'll title it:


This girl believes in mixing and matching the boldest and brightest for a truly brilliant bedroom. So, she selected Scalamandre's Zebras wallpaper in periwinkle to accent the yellow in her pillow set. Get your border euros on big-time sale! 

And monogram 'em, too. She played up our print even more with the stripe pillow in the center, where silk meets velvet for the most luxurious lumbar.


So, she had a place where she loved to lie her head at night.

And rest her things, like her Herend on the nightstand next to gorgeous pink peonies and a sweet pastel floral lamp. And I spy our Absolutely Beautiful Things book.

It's all the colors. So, get ready for your close-up, Boone. Customers are coming to shop. 

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