Texas Forever, Y'all.

We love a good ol' fashioned rivalry 'round here.

So we're thrilled the Red River one is right around the corner, and we wouldn't dare show up to the State Fair grounds empty-handed. As you'll see, our Chevy is stocked with the most stylish tailgating items in town.

Tradition has it, students hand paint hard coolers or monogram soft coolers and stuff them with serious snackage and Shiner. All grown up now, we're stocking ours with  cocktail kits and festive tools so we're sippin' Bloody Marys before kick-off at 11 AM.


Once we arrive at the stadium, we'll set out our new orange splatterware, filled with salty and sweet things like bourbon-glazed pecans and seasoned oyster crackers.

We'll mix our cocktails in mason shakers and set them on our custom monogram napkins.

While we love a fancy vessel, this is football, people, so Styros are the only way to go.

Root, root, root for the Horn team!

Unlike past years, the temperatures are expected to be ideal, so we'll unwind under this throw and pack another to treat our hospitable Dallas hosts.

Get game day ready here.

longhorn artwork // vintage speakers // turkish towels // decanter set


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